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Warwickshire County Council
Warwickshire County Council

Newly and Recently Qualified Teachers (NQTs and RQTs)

Recently Qualified Teachers (RQTs)

It is worth remembering that all RQTs had a shortened induction year last academic year, due to school closures for COVID. It is likely that they will still need some further support in their second year of teaching.

RQTs are invited to attend all the Statutory Assessment training advertised for NQTs during next year, as well as the free training on offer for all NQTs through the NQT Manager webpages.

Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

Be aware that if you employ an NQT in September, their training will have been shortened due to the coronavirus closures. NQTs will have missed their long final teaching practice and will, therefore, need even more support than usual, especially during the autumn term.

Training available for NQTs and RQTs

Schools will be sent a Training Programme for NQTs and RQTs for 2020-21. This is also available on the NQT Manager website.

Schools will also be sent the Training Programme for Statutory Assessment, which includes some specific training for NQTs and RQTs.

  • NQT Training: Registered on NQT Manager will have free training courses emailed to them as part of their NQTs support.
  • RQT Training: Because the NQT Team and the Assessment Team will not have access to the RQTs' email addresses, schools will need to alert RQTs of any training available to them.