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Warwickshire County Council
Warwickshire County Council

IDS curriculum resources and special equipment

We provide a range of differentiated curriculum resources available on loan to referred pupils and their schools. In general Schools are responsible for providing auxiliary aids, however, the Service manages a stock of specialist equipment and resources, where it is concluded that a maintained school could not reasonably be expected to make provision within its own resources. We will recall loan stock and equipment when it is no longer required, to ensure its availability to other schools and settings. We offer training and support to pupils and teachers to ensure that specialist equipment is used safely and appropriately.

How accessible are your curriculum resources in school?

Find out more about how Warwickshire is supporting inclusion in partnership with Widgit through the Symbols Inclusion Project (SIP). Symbols supporting inclusion in mainstream education provides lots of practical ideas of how symbols can support teaching and learning:

  • providing visual prompts to reinforce spoken instructions or requests.
  • reinforcing and assisting recall of new concepts.
  • encouraging independence.
  • supporting early literacy skills.
  • providing visual reminders of targets and learning objectives.

Access to software for all Warwickshire schools

All Warwickshire schools and their staff have access to "Communicate: In Print 2" and "Communicate: By Choice" via our Countywide licence. Warwickshire school staff can now access a private area of the Widgit website to obtain resources developed as part of the Symbol Inclusion Project, as well as other materials developed by the Widgit team. Also on the site is an area for technical support, help sheets and training materials.

The news section will be updated regularly with information on training sessions and events. You will also need to visit the website regularly to download your extra resources as they come online. You can also share your own resources with other Warwickshire staff by uploading them onto the site. To access the Warwickshire School Area of the Sip website you will need a username and password.