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Warwickshire County Council
Warwickshire County Council

Integrated Disability Service (IDS) teaching and learning

Review meetings

We attend the annual reviews of pupils with statements/Education, Health and Care Plans whenever the school sets mutually convenient meeting dates and times. We prioritise Transitional Reviews and Year 5 Reviews.

We will:

  • provide reports for circulation prior to Annual Reviews whenever the school provides sufficient notice as required in the Warwickshire guidelines
  • prioritise attendance at reviews prior to changes of school and setting
  • always try to respond whenever a school is signalling serious concern
  • provide updated assessment and advice for reviews provided that we have been undertaking direct teaching and support for the pupil or when the school has specifically requested this advice at a previous review
  • prefer to keep to a minimum the time spent on paperwork. We try to write brief, concise and useful reports. Wherever possible we prefer to use the same reports both for IEP curriculum planning discussions and review meetings.