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Warwickshire County Council
Warwickshire County Council

Integrated Disability Service (IDS) teaching and learning

Professional development and training requests

We can provide SEN and disability training as requested for school staff, parents and Governors. This can be arranged during the school day, at twilight sessions, or on a school training day.

We will:

  • provide awareness-raising for the school friends of pupils with whom we work. This can only be arranged with the consent of the pupil and parents concerned.
  • provide training courses for Teachers and Teaching Assistants advertised on Warwickshire Education Services website.
  • be pleased to provide references for relevant articles and further reading for Teachers and Teaching Assistants if this is requested.

Training commissions should be discussed in the first instance with any IDS teachers regularly working in your school or setting. Alternatively please telephone one of the Senior Leadership Team or the Lead Consultant Teacher of the relevant team.