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Warwickshire County Council
Warwickshire County Council

Integrated Disability Service (IDS) teaching and learning

Setting and school responsibility at SEN support stage includes

  • Providing the greatest possible inclusion and access to all activities and experiences, both curricular and extra-curricular.
  • Obtaining the consent of all who have parental responsibility before making any referral to IDS (Teaching and Learning).
  • Providing all relevant information as requested to ensure a comprehensive referral is available to IDS.
  • Maintaining and developing the provision made at the SEN Support stage.
  • Nominating a link person (usually the SENCO) who will be responsible and available for liaison with IDS staff.
  • Providing an appropriate working room or area which will be regularly available for individual or small group teaching and assessment as necessary.
  • Arranging planning time so that staff may share assessment information and advice with setting or school teaching staff and Teaching Assistants.
  • Devising, implementing and reviewing an IEP or Provision Map which sets out the complementary responsibilities of the pre-school setting, the School and the Service.
  • Ensuring that parents are fully informed and included in partnership.
  • Arranging reviews in accordance with the SEND code of practice and conforming to the guidance to Warwickshire schools on the annual reviews for pupils with statements.
  • Making effective and safe use of the specialist resources and equipment which may be loaned by staff, and ensuring its safe return to the service at the end of the agreed loan period.
  • Arranging and coordinating the contributions of the range of services and agencies who may be involved with a pupil with complex SEN.
  • Providing the Service with the earliest possible notice when a pupil or member of staff is for any reason unavailable for a meeting or a teaching or support session.