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Elective Home Education

What age range does the statutory guidance for Elective Home Education cover?

  • The guidance covers children of statutory school age (5-16)

How do schools best support and advise parents who are indicating they may ask for their child to be removed from the school roll for the purpose of Elective Home Education because of Covid-19?

  • Fully explore the reasons with the parents why they might be thinking of taking this step
  • Highlight and reassure parents about all the safety measures that are in place at the school and signpost them to the WCC Covid-19 advice and guidance
  • Strongly emphasise the difference between the home education they have been providing as parents during lock down and elective home education in its truest sense – they would be fully responsible for ALL aspects of their child’s education including ALL associated costs such as exams and resources and have no access to any of the online lessons or support created by the schools during Covid-19
  • As you do this, consider if the family might benefit from additional support such as Early Help (including the Family Information Service) before they take any steps to remove their child from your school roll
  • Signpost parents to professionals/agencies where you feel they might benefit from additional support or guidance around their child’s wider needs
  • If the child has an EHCP, please contact the relevant Plan Co-ordinator for advice in the first instance
  • If they are open to Children’s Services/Early Help speak to the Social Worker or Family Support Worker at the earliest opportunity
  • If parents seem set in their ideas about home education, as a minimum, signpost parents to the LA webpage
  • Encourage parents to contact the LA on the email on the webpages – we can advise them fully over the phone
  • Advise parents the LA has advised that they will give them a cooling off period and keep their child on roll (for a minimum of 2 weeks) in case they change their mind
  • Advise them that if the arrangement does not work out, they will have to formally re-apply and will be considered along with any other applications the school may have at that time in line with the schools' admissions arrangements. This may mean that the child's original place could be offered to someone else and they may not be able to return their child to your school as there may not be a place available – this could result in their child being without a school place of their choice for an indefinite period of time
  • For schools requiring further advice or guidance contact the Access to Education Team on the following telephone number 01926 736323 or email: