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Essential maintenance of school buildings

WCC Property Services Team continues to provide its building maintenance provision for schools during the Covid-19 pandemic. We know that your risk assessment will have considered how you are going to accommodate contractors working on-site during this time.

Please ensure you communicate clearly any access issues and time restrictions when you report a repair to the WCC Hotline. Where access necessitates attendance outside school hours, please provide alternative contact details to enable the contractor to enter the school.

Property Services contractors will discuss with site managers in advance of any visits, the restrictions and social distancing measures in place in each school and consider health and safety regulations and public health guidelines. Where possible, a compromise should be reached, to allow essential works to go ahead.

We have worked with WCC Property Services Team to put the following prompts to aid your planning:

  • We recognise that each school will have its own requirements re PPE. However, in our risk assessment process, we outlined the national guidance, which states that PPE is not required in schools, except in exceptional circumstances such as dealing with a child with symptoms or for personal care of a pupil. It is therefore not a requirement for contractors to wear PPE whilst on a school site.
  • This also applies to the wearing of face coverings or PPE face masks. This is not a requirement for contractors working on site.
  • We know that schools have varied start and finish times in order to reduce traffic congestion, maintain social distancing and keep children safe. Property Services appreciate this and are taking this into consideration in planning maintenance work. However, if schools restrict access during school hours, maintenance work will need to be scheduled to take place out of school hours but within core hours of the contractors, which are from 8am to 5.30pm. To facilitate works, schools should consider ensuring the site stays open until 5.30pm. If work needs to be carried out outside the core hours of 8am to 5.30pm, there may be additional charges.
  • In some schools, there may be areas of the school that are not currently being used by classes or groups of pupils. Consider giving access to contractors to restricted areas of the school site, well away from pupils.
  • If you need further assistance, please contact the WCC Education team via the leaders’ helpline or email.

As with all services, the Property Services Team has finite resources to deliver essential maintenance needs for all of the Council’s buildings and is currently dealing with a high volume of work requests. Therefore, please be mindful of the priority of work requested, thus protecting the availability of contractors to deal with urgent scenarios during the working day. Thank you for your cooperation as we seek to find creative solutions to the challenges we are all facing.

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