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Childcare roles

Nursery roles

Working in a nursery involves being part of a team and caring for babies and children up to the age of five. You will work with parents and carers to make sure that the nursery gives their children the best care possible. That means providing a safe and stimulating environment for the children doing a variety of creative activities, taking them out on trips and generally making sure they are having fun whilst they are learning. There are all kinds of nurseries, run by private businesses, the local council, voluntary or community groups, schools, colleges and other employers. Because of this, opening times can be different in each nursery. Some are open all year, except weekends and bank holidays, while others are open only during school term times. And some will open early in the morning (7am or earlier) and can stay open until 7pm or later. By law, half the people who work in a nursery need to hold a valid childcare qualification. This means that most nurseries look for a good mix of qualified and unqualified people. And if you’re looking to gain a qualification, the work you do in your nursery can, in many cases, count towards your course.

Nursery assistant

If you have not worked in a nursery before, you will probably start as a nursery assistant, while you work towards a Level 2 qualification in Early Years. Usually, you will work with a nursery nurse or supervisor, who will help you pick up the skills you need. You will need plenty of energy and enthusiasm. Working with children can be extremely hard work – but great fun at the same time. And the results you get can be very rewarding.

Nursery nurse/supervisor

If you are a nursery assistant and interested in moving into a more senior position, you could choose to take a Level 3 qualification in Early Years. This will give you the chance to become a nursery nurse or supervisor. You will supervise members of the team, as well as coming up with new ideas to help the children get the most out of their time in the nursery. As your experience increases, you may be able to move up into a nursery manager role.

Please contact the team for a copy of  Case Study of Irene Bagshaw - Nursery Nurse.