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Warwickshire County Council
Warwickshire County Council

Overtime and supply/casual


Overtime should only be worked where unavoidable and, as far as possible, should be pre-planned. Under the Working Time Regulations 1998, there is a limit to the number of hours an employee can work. Please refer to the working hours section for further guidance.

Overtime payments are, ordinarily, only payable to employees paid at or below spinal column point 17 who are required to work in excess of 37 hours per week.

Part-time staff will continue to be paid at plain time rate for additional hours worked (as agreed in advance and where unavoidable) up to 37 hours per week and within the parameters of the standard working week. Please refer to the working hours section for further guidance. Except where other rates have been agreed locally, the following rates apply for work undertaken in excess of 37 hours:

Monday – Saturday: time and a half
Sunday and Public Holidays: double time

For employees paid higher than spinal column point 17 there is no automatic entitlement to overtime pay and, wherever possible, compensating time-off in lieu should be granted. However, in exceptional cases, where planned overtime by specified employees would facilitate the work of the County Council, overtime pay or honoraria based upon overtime principles may be authorised by Assistant Directors where they are satisfied that:

  • The work cannot be accommodated within normal working hours;
  • The work is being undertaken at the lowest competent level;
  • The cost can be met from within existing budgets.

Overtime payments are not applicable in any circumstances to Management Band posts.

You should use employee self-service to provide details of any Overtime or Additional Duties performed for Warwickshire County Council or a school within Warwickshire.

All overtime or travel claims should be processed within the system unless they are over 90 days old. The effective date and date that the claim is authorised by your manager must be less than 90 days from the work undertaken or the journey completed If you do have a claim that is over 90 days then you will need to obtain approval from your Assistant Director. Once you have this, please submit the claim on the travel and expenses form or the Additional hours/overtime form and email this to

For help on how to complete this, please follow the How To... Submit a time and expenses claim guide

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