Winter term 2021 / 22

As we approach the end of the first term of 2021/22 we are aware that educational settings are starting to think about end of term activities.

It is paramount that we remain vigilant and take into consideration the health and safety of all staff and children in our educational settings whilst Covid-19 is still present.

Below are guidelines for educational settings to assist them through this period.

Christmas cards

We can take a relaxed approach to Christmas card giving as there is minimal risk of transmission via paper. However, it is important to keep up with good hand hygiene and recommend hands are sanitised/washed before and after the distribution of cards.

Christmas plays/concerts/Fayres

While some settings may decide for this year just to do virtual plays/concerts, for those who wish to go ahead with in person plays/concerts then risk assess and put in the following mitigations: 

  • Anyone feeling unwell (not just with COVID-19 symptoms) should not attend.
  • Think about numbers and spacing/ventilation - reduce risk of congregation (e.g. think about whether refreshments are needed at all, and if provided, then to provide in a safe way).
  • Those singing/playing wind instruments will need extra distancing between performers, and between performers and audience. 
  • Face masks for parents/teachers when circulating (and possibly when seated also).
  • Ask all visitors to do an LFT prior to coming in and use this as an opportunity to promote vaccination (both COVID-19 and flu).
  • Ensure handwashing/sanitisation opportunities (including before and after handing goods/stall items at fairs)
  • Numbered seats so we can do contact tracing (if not, then we may need to do wider alert).
  • Really thorough cleaning before and after.

Introducing these measures will help with keeping your educational settings safe, whilst allowing “business as usual” for end of term activities