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Educational Psychology Service

Who are we?

Warwickshire Educational Psychology Service is a professional psychological support service for children and young people (aged 0 to 25), their families, schools, communities and other settings.

Educational psychologists (EPs) have expert knowledge of psychology, child development, social interaction, learning, behaviour and motivation, as well as experience of working with children and young people.

Through the application of psychology, EPs work to:

  • raise achievement
  • increase social inclusion and access to learning
  • promote emotional wellbeing
  • overcome barriers to successful learning
  • contribute to statutory assessment by the Local Authority (LA) under the SEN Code of Practice (2014).

Who do we work with?

EPs apply psychology through consultation and in collaboration with:

  • children and young people
  • parents/carers
  • school and pre-school staff
  • health professionals
  • social services
  • other professionals
  • governors
  • voluntary organisations

What do we do?

EPs work to apply psychology in a range of different situations and in a variety of different ways, including:

  • Direct work with children and young people, including assessment of learning, social and emotional needs and therapeutic work
  • Consultation and problem solving with children, young people, families, school staff and other education, health, welfare and social professionals
  • Direct work with parents, including consultation, support and parent training programmes
  • Support and supervision for key people in schools and other settings
  • Training and development work, including bespoke training packages to meet individual needs, development and delivery of project work
  • Individual, group or class-based support using specific psychological approaches and techniques
  • Contribution to planning and progress review meetings
  • Support in developing practice which meets legislative requirements
  • Contribution to the development and review of school policies and the facilitation of inclusive practice
  • Research and evaluation projects
  • Commissioned work e.g. critical incident support, work with LAC teams