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Warwickshire County Council
Warwickshire County Council

Hear by Right

The National Youth Agency has developed a framework called Hear by Right. This framework offers a tried and tested framework that can assist organisations to assess and improve on their practice and policy around involving children, young people and parents/carers.

The Hear by Right Framework is based on seven standards with which organisation can self assesses themselves. The standards look at the areas such as:

  • Shared values
  • Structures
  • Strategy
  • Systems
  • Staff, elected members or trustees
  • Skills and knowledge
  • Style of leadership

Locally there are many organisations looking at ways to involve children, young people and parents/carers in decision making and shaping services they use. All services have a variety of different ways of doing so. This is also evident on a national basis.

Warwickshire’s Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership Board have signed up to the Hear by Right standards and local support is on offer for those organisations that want to work towards the framework. For more information on Hear by Right, go to the National Youth Agency.