Family Learning (REAL)

Literacy and maths (REAL/REAM)

Raising early achievement

Family Learning has developed two courses - REAL (literacy) and REAM (maths) for families with children aged two to five-years-old.

These courses have been created following a research project carried out by Cathy Nutbrown and Peter Hannon (Professors of Early Childhood Education). Their findings demonstrated how young children’s literacy development could be enhanced through work with parents, especially in disadvantaged communities.

We want to help parents to build their knowledge and confidence so that they can help their children with early reading, writing and maths skills development. The findings of the project showed that completion of the courses had a long-lasting impact on children’s attainment in literacy and maths if REAL and REAM activities continued at home after the course. The courses are play-based (often messy!), where we hope families can come along and have fun together while developing their knowledge of literacy and maths. We have had really positive feedback from families that have attended the course.

Background information - Warwickshire Family Learning REAL Project (PDF, 262 KB)

The courses are held across Warwickshire in a range of settings, including children’s centres, nurseries and schools.

If a family is interested in attending the course they can contact Jan Lennon for further information.