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Waste education for schools

We are able to offer Warwickshire schools assemblies and workshops on rubbish, recycling and composting.

Reduce at school

Compost workshops

Composting is a great way to reduce your school's waste. You can compost fruit peelings, vegetable peelings, tea bags, eggshells, shredded paper, pencil shavings and small amounts of paper towels and cardboard-like egg boxes and toilet roll centres. Compost workshops include an animated DVD on composting and an opportunity for students to explore composting bugs. Paper pot making workshops are available for Years 5 and 6. Learn the art of paper pot making using just newspaper and a jar. Pots are then filled with compost and seeds planted. For more information on how your school can start composting log onto Recycle Now. In many areas, Master Composters are available to help get the scheme started.  Please e-mail if this is something you would like to find more about.

Top tips for reducing waste at school

On average, a third of schools waste is made up of paper. Take a look at the document below to find out how you can reduce your waste Reducing Waste Tips (PDF, 63 KB)

Reuse at school

Many schools are excellent at reusing items, particularly in arts and crafts lessons.

Top tips for reusing at school

  • Hold a recycled fashion show.
  • Use scrap magazines and paper to create displays.
  • Shred your paper and give it to children with pets.
  • Alternatively, compost your shredded paper.
  • Ask parents to donate old paint and create mosaics and murals.
  • Hold a create a rubbish monster/alien competition.
  • Create a uniform, toy or book swap shop.
  • Have a scrap paper tray for every classroom and office.
  • Reuse envelopes for internal post, or re label.

Recycle at school

Recycling assemblies

Assemblies on recycling are available for primary school pupils.  This involves an animated storytelling session followed by a short film about what happens to waste collected from Warwickshire's Green Garden and Food waste bins.

Recycling collection

Around 60% of the average school's waste is paper. By recycling, you can reduce your waste dramatically. The facilities available for schools to recycle differ in different areas and depending upon who collects your normal rubbish. For more details on what you can recycle in your area contact your local district or borough council. > Back to top

Recycle and raise money!

There are many organisations that will give money for your school donating mobile phones, printer cartridges and textiles for recycling, so get fund-raising today! Bags2Schools collect textiles for recycling, including clothing, bedding, curtains, soft toys, shoes, belts and handbags. Your school is then paid per kilo for all textiles collected. There is no storage and the company provides the bags. Textiles make up 12% of landfill sites so do your bit for the environment and make some money for school funds. Battery Back will provide containers and collection for batteries free of charge.

Waste education resources

Recycle Now has information and advice on recycling in schools along with a Learning Resources Database to help you find useful waste education resources. 

For more information or advice on waste education or to hire any of the resources, contact the Waste Projects Team.