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Testing of Secondary Pupils and College Students

Asymptomatic Testing Site (ATS) testing

Starting Testing

  • Schools and colleges open to all pupils on 6 September and on-site testing should start.
  • Schools can determine their own priorities on how to roll out testing.
  • Settings should not prevent pupils who are not undergoing testing from returning to on site learning. They should return in line with their peers.

Frequency of Testing

  • Pupils should receive 2 tests on site, each 3-5 days apart. This is likely to span one and a half weeks.
  • The 3-5-day window links to the detectable period of the virus’ transmission and allows for clinical rigor and flexibility around weekends.

Reporting the result

  • The bulk upload / registration allows registration of up to 100 test kits at a time and so can improve speed and efficiency. It is spreadsheet based (can be downloaded from the sharing platform and then uploaded onto the online service). This system has a different timeframe for completion and submission, and there are some dos and don’ts outlined in the guidance: The Digital Services You Will Use.

Home Testing

Starting Testing

  • After the initial 2 tests completed in school, home testing for pupils will start. These tests can be ordered through GOV.UK.

Frequency of Testing

  • Home tests should be carried out twice weekly, 3 to 4 days apart.

Administering the test and reporting the result

Pupils with SEND

  • Settings should work with pupils / students and their families to determine the most appropriate way of them accessing testing.
  • Special schools may choose not to introduce home testing and are advised to maintain ATSs.
  • Where appropriate pupils with SEND pupils, who can be supervised by an adult at home, may begin with home testing rather than having 3 ATS tests.