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Schools finance

There are two teams within Finance that provide budget and financial support for Warwickshire Schools.

Statutory service

The Schools Funding and Strategy Team deal with the statutory side of finance. This includes to:

  • determine the schools’ budgets through consultation with the Schools Forum
  • payout budgets and grants to maintained schools with their own bank accounts
  • complete statutory returns such as the Section 251 budget statement

Schools Financial Value Standard

The Schools Funding and Strategy Team is also responsible for dealing with the school's financial value standard (SFVS) returns which maintained schools are required to submit annually. SFVS guidance and form will allow you to view this. Deadline for submission of completed forms is 31 March each year. These should be sent to

Schools Forum

Consultations on changes to the schools funding formula and issues to do with the management of school budgets are taken to the Schools Forum.


For any queries regarding schools funding please contact Navdip Sodhi, Principal Accountant:

Tel: 01926 418174


Traded Service

There is also a traded service offered by the Education Finance Team providing financial support to schools and academies.