Risk-reduction supplies

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We have worked with Interprint to design a range of signs for schools to support social distancing. Signs include ‘one way’, ‘do not touch’, ‘stay 2m apart’, all with age-appropriate graphics and vibrant colours.

The following organisations can help to provide compliant access to further risk-reduction supplies.

ESPO (Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation

YPO Framework

Crown Commercial Services (CCS) frameworks

You can directly place an order from three CCS frameworks:

  • lot 9 on RM3837 - Construction products consumables and material
  • lot 2 on RM6059 - Office supplies
  • all lots on RM3812 - Supply, delivery and installation of furniture and associated services 

Specifically, you will find: 

  • PPE not for medical use - Masks, gloves, perspex screens and thermometers – Frameworks 3837 and 6059
  • Social distancing and workplace items - Signage, high vis jackets and hazard tape – Frameworks 3837 and 6059
  • Cleaning and hygiene - Hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes and other cleaning products – Frameworks 3837 and 6059
  • Appliances - Vacuum cleaners and other floor cleaners – Framework 6059
  • Workplace furniture and associated services - Desks, seats, screens, office planning, non-touch solutions – Framework 3812