Social distancing outside school

I am worried about parents not keeping to social distancing rules outside of school and the number of contacts children are having with people outside of their household. Should I act on this concern and how?

We know that schools are making every reasonable effort to keep the children safe when they are in school, but unfortunately, they cannot control what happens outside the school gate. WCC has developed a number of resources aimed at parents to encourage social distancing, including a poster and an animation, and are also sending out social media messages about social distancing and return-to-school expectations. Please retweet or post these via your own social media accounts. From our portal, you can order signage to encourage social distancing inside and outside your school.

If schools remain concerned, they are encouraged to discuss any concerns with families and inform them of the guidance around risk, social distancing, handwashing and isolating as appropriate. They should also discuss the importance of reporting symptoms to the school as soon as possible and getting tested. When discussing your concerns with the family, if they disclose that they have been in contact with people who have COVID-19, please advise them to follow government advice and self-isolate as appropriate. If a child has been exposed to COVID-19 but the family chooses not to follow social distancing guidance, then the school should seek further guidance from Public Health.