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Notifying Warwickshire Public Health of positive cases

As from Wednesday 3 November 2021 there is no longer a need for schools and settings to submit case details to Warwickshire County Council (WCC) via the Microsoft Form process we previously used. This does not apply to Early Years Providers who will continue to use the reporting form that has been emailed to them.

We would however strongly request that schools to complete the Department for Education (DfE) Daily Education Settings Status form, which we will use to collate important data, allowing us to risk assess and support our proactive work with schools.

In addition, we would ask schools to please continue to contact WCC using the methods below for support or advice with outbreaks. We are asking you to continue to do this as although we have additional data sources to consult, there will be a short delay in receiving up to date information. We are keen to continue to serve schools and settings in a timely manner to avoid unwanted isolations and moves to remote learning.

In the event a school or setting meets the threshold/triggers set out by Warwickshire Public Health, an initial discussion will be held. If necessary, an Incident Management Team (IMT) meeting will be arranged within 24 hours to include colleagues from the school, local authority, Public Health, and regional health protection teams (HPTs) (as appropriate).

In these meetings the positive cases will be reviewed, existing mitigations/ measures will be understood, and the general attendance and wellness of staff/pupils attending school will be discussed. You should attend having this information to hand.

Where there is concern about levels of, and spread of, the infection additional measures can be recommended as set out below and in line with the school’s outbreak management plan. Where additional measures have been in place a further IMT will be held to jointly review the position before they are removed.

Please contact (Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4pm) or (weekends) for any help and support you may need.