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Alternative Provision

Alternative to exclusion

If your child is at risk of exclusion it’s worth contacting the school to discuss whether any of the alternatives below have been tried, or might be suitable. We have created the WCC ethical inclusion directory to give school advice on how to support students to prevent exclusion and support positive transitions through managed moves via the WCC ethical inclusion directory.

1. A restorative approach

  • A restorative approach establishes what harm has been done, what is needed to put things right and how the situation can be avoided in the future.

2. Internal inclusion

  • Internal inclusion is used when the aim is to remove the student from class and not from the school site. This approach should be carefully planned, with clear outcomes agreed, and for a set period of time. Children experiencing internal inclusion will have access to education and support within the school.

3. Short-term off-site support

  • Schools are able to refer to Alternative Provision for short-term placements in order to improve behaviour (see Alternative Provision Directory).

4. Managed Moves

  • If there has been a history of exclusions and the alternative approaches above have been exhausted a headteacher is able to discuss an alternative provision placement or managed move.
  • A ‘Managed Move’ is defined as a formal agreement between two schools, a student and his/her parents. It allows a student at risk of permanent exclusion to transfer to another school.
  • The move requires the agreement of the student, parent, the headteacher of the student’s current school (the home school) and the headteacher of the proposed school. It would usually take place when those involved agree that the home school has exhausted all reasonable strategies to prevent permanent exclusion.
  • Please refer the managed move protocol below.

Children with Educational Health Care Plans and Managed Move

  • A managed move is not a suitable way in which to arrange a new placement for a child with an Education Health Care Plan. If there is a high risk of permanent exclusion schools are expected to consult with their Educational Psychologist and other relevant professionals working with the child and family via an emergency/interim Annual Review and referral to the SEND Panel for advice.
  • If a child has SEND a change of placement must go via the SEND Panel and in full consultation with parents and other professionals.
  • Refer to the SEND guidance.