Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE)

Education resources: Coventry and Warwickshire Agreed Syllabus

  1. Warwickshire and Coventry Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education
  2. SACRE Additional Units
  3. Non-statutory units of work
  4. RE Today support materials
  5. Additional resources to implement the syllabus

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1. Warwickshire and Coventry agreed syllabus for Religious Education

The Agreed Syllabus sets out what pupils should be taught in religious education (RE) from ages 3 to 19. All maintained schools have a statutory duty to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which includes RE. Maintained schools without a religious character are required to teach RE to all registered pupils in accordance with the Locally Agreed Syllabus. Academies and free schools are also required through the terms of their funding agreement to make provision for the teaching of RE. They can choose to use the locally agreed syllabus but are not required to do so. It is a legal requirement for the Local Authority to review the Agreed Syllabus every 5 years. The review is overseen by an Agreed Syllabus Conference (ASC), which has a similar membership to the SACRE. The Syllabus for Warwickshire and Coventry schools was published in 2017. All documents are available to download below. For copyright reasons, these documents are protected by a password that we are only allowed to share with Warwickshire and Coventry schools. If you represent a school in Warwickshire or Coventry and would like to access these documents, please use the form below to request the password. 

New syllabus coming for September 2024

Agreed syllabus 2017-2022 (password protected)

2. SACRE additional units

Peace and Reconciliation Units

These ‘Peace and Reconciliation’ units for Primary have been developed in conjunction with Coventry Cathedral and offer a chance for schools to bring a local flavor to their RE curriculum. The lessons can be incorporated into, or substituted for, lessons/activities in the existing Coventry and Warwickshire RE Syllabus unit of work, as the teacher sees fit, to bring a peace and reconciliation theme to your RE.

These units are password-protected.  To request the password, please contact Stephen Height on 01926 745100.

3. Non-statutory units of work (password protected)

4. RE Today support materials (password protected)

5. Additional resources to implement the syllabus

Additional resources are available to support schools in implementing the Agreed Syllabus.  Three extra primary units of work will be available free for all schools in September. In addition to this, RE Today has developed a Scheme of Work for all the key questions, to exemplify excellent teaching and learning and support schools in their classroom practice.  If schools wish to order this scheme of work or receive the extra free primary units, please complete the order form below and return it to