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RE Subject Leader Network Meeting Materials (2018-2022)

The documents in this section were shared at the summer term network meeting for RE subject leaders/coordinators. These documents are password-protected. To obtain the password for opening the documents, please contact Stephen Height (Education Services) on 01926 745100.

Autumn Term 2018 - Peace and Remembrance

Spring Term 2019 - RE and Assessment

Summer Term 2019 - RE and the Arts

Autumn Term 2019 - Ofsted and Action Planning

Autumn Term 2019 - RE Curriculum

Spring Term 2020 - RE: Philosophy & Ethics

Theologies of Reading: Approaches to Sacred Texts February 2020

RE for Well-Being July 2020

Autumn Term 2020 - Teaching Non-Religious World Views (October 2020)

Balanced RE November 2020

Teaching RE Vocabulary January 2021

Help! I’m the RE Subject Leader May 2021

Promoting Good RE in Your School CPD May 2021

A Worldviews Approach to Teaching RE (Autumn 2021)

Planning a Unit from the Coventry & Warwickshire Agreed Syllabus - October 2021

RE Alert to Hermeneutics (November 2021)

Multidiciplinary Balanced RE January 2022

Two Key Drivers for RE: Encounter and Enquiry (March 2022)

Knowledge Organisers for RE (May 2022)

Getting Ready for Change: A Worldviews Approach to Teaching RE (November 2022)

Getting Ready for Change: Multidisciplinary, Balanced RE (November 2022)