Risk assessment

This dynamic Risk assessment is for schools and settings to keep under review in response to their individual situations and circumstances during the COVID pandemic.

It is split into the following sections:

  • social distancing practicalities
  • transition
  • quality of education
  • finance
  • safeguarding
  • building work and logistics
  • pupils with SEND (including medical needs)
  • recruitment and staffing
  • emotional and behaviour considerations
  • miscellaneous
  • hygiene and cleanliness/health and safety
  • additional (left blank for you to fill in)
  • possible Covid-19 cases

Within each section, some initial risks and some possible actions that could be taken to control or mitigate the risks have been pre-populated for you. However, these are only initial suggestions.

It is vital that you tailor this risk assessment by amending/adding to these as required to ensure you have captured all relevant risk information specific to your setting. Schools or academies are under no obligation to use this tool.