How to set up a childcare business


The number of children that you can care for will depend on the useable space inside your premises. The Early Years foundation stage statutory framework (EYFS) tells you how much space is needed for each child depending on their ages. You should ensure that access is available for those with physical disabilities and you’ll need lots of storage space for your equipment and enough toilets and washbasins for the children, as well as having access to outdoor spaces every day.

If you are looking for premises, please see some possibilities below: 

  • Hiring halls or venues in your local community 

  • Consider contacting local sports clubs or youth organisations as their buildings might not be used during the day and could be easily adapted for early years provision 

  • If you are considering buying a property, you could discuss potential properties with a local estate agent. You will need to consider any additional renovations needed to ensure the building is suitable for nursery provision 

  • There may be Warwickshire County Council buildings available for rent/lease. Contact the Property Services Team for more information. 

  • When renting ensure that you obtain a secure tenancy agreement to give security of tenure for your business. 

Planning Permission may be needed if you are looking to change the use of a building whether this is a personal home or business premises or if you are looking to extend or change the layout of buildings. Please contact your local district and borough council planning departments for further information and advice.

You will need to check with the local fire services to ensure the building meets fire regulations and if you are planning to prepare food you will need a certificate from your local district or borough council’s environmental health team.